Water Fed Pole

Dear customers

I hope this customer notice reaches you all in good health.

Shining Bright have decided to start our window cleaning services back up after being furloughed for several weeks due to covid-19, coronavirus. There will be a few additional safety measures in place, which will keep you and our staff safe. We will be sanitising gate latches with an anti viral spray on exit of properties and encourage payments by bacs wherever possible. During this time we have decided to change our working practices to the Water Fed Pole system which uses telescopic poles and 100% pure water.

We are now using this method for the following reasons:

1) BETTER CLEANING RESULTS - The advantage of PURE WATER is that it absorbs large amounts of dirt. The process involves brushing your windows clean with PURE WATER, they will be left wet and will dry naturally however once dry your windows WILL be clean and smear free.

2) HEALTH AND SAFETY - Legislation now limits the use of ladders until all other alternatives have been considered. The Water Fed Pole system is a safer and more viable alternative for window cleaning.

3)ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Only PURE WATER is used no detergents or chemicals!

4) IMPROVED SERVICE - We can now reach inaccessible windows - third floor windows - over conservatory windows and above extensions with no risk of damage to roof tiles.

Your windows have been cleaned in the past using detergents and it may take 2 or 3 cleans using the Water Fed Pole system before all traces have been removed.

Please be assured that once this residue is removed your windows will be CLEAN and we are sure you will be happy with the results.

We will make sure they are cleaned to a standard you are happy with.
Thank you

Andy Davidson
Shining bright