Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Cleaning Services (Not Just a Quick Blast)

There is more to just pressure washing than meets the eye, in order to ensure a long lasting finish. The correct pre cleaning chemicals, and after products must be used, otherwise not all stains, mould, moss or algae will be fully removed. Any mould or algae may be bleached however will return fast. We use only the best industrial chemicals to clean and prevent any re growth. 

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Drive Way Cleaning

Pressure washing, sometimes called power washing, is an effective way to remove dirt, debris, stains, discoloration and more from your home’s outdoor surfaces.
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Mono Block Pressure Wash & Treatment

Shining Bright ( We don’t just pressure wash, we use specialist cleaning chemicals. which kill and bleach mould and moss to prevent it from re-growing.
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The results are far different from pressure washing alone. Not only will your mono block, pathway or driveways look clean, you can see a clear restoration in the colour.

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